Below are the two current release versions of Decisions. and are subsets of the decisions product and use the same installer - but with a different license. If you want a cloud version - click the button to the right to request a cloud instance be setup for you.

General Release

  • Version: 4.0 Update 11
  • Initial Release Date: 4/7/2017
  • Latest Release Date: 12/1/2017

Decisions 4.0 is a major feature release of our Business Process Management Platform. We have rebuilt every one of our visual designers to make them faster, more intutive, and more powerful. 4.0 is something we're very proud of because it is the culmination of years of effort from the Decisions team and includes some of the best ideas we've gotten from you!

We have removed the need for Silverlight all together. We are adding features for collaboration, chat, and more visuals for tracking processes in updates.

  • Reimagined Designers
  • Updated Look & Feel
  • New, More Flexible Debugger
  • Decisions App Store (Everything's Free!)
  • Multi Select and Edit in Flows and Forms
  • New Case Management Features
  • Built-In Task Queues
  • Rule Set Changes (Truth Tables, More Output Options)
  • Designer Project Copy
  • Flow Designer got a Face Lift
  • Custom CSS in Pages and Forms
  • More Options for handling Batch Data
  • Improved Mobile Experience
  • Many Other Features and Updates

Coming Soon: Beta Release

  • Version: 5.0
  • Initial Release Date: Coming Soon
  • Latest Release Date: Coming Soon

Decisions 5.0 will feature new Business Models that show individual process data and high level reporting data in completely flexible diagrams! We are also working on some new rule styles (matrix rules) and a more efficient way of rendering forms

Look for 5.0 in the early fall or email to be added to the beta list for possible early access.

All Releases

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